Deoban : Situated at elevation of 2,865 meter, (9,400 feet) above sea level at a distance of 16 Km. from Hotel Snow View, Deoban is famous for the panoramic view of the Himalayas.

Kanasar: 28 Km. from Hotel Snow View the utmost beauty of the forest can be seen here. Biggest deodar tree is located here. (Circumference 6.66 mts)

Tiger Fall: Situated at a distance 0f 5.Km from Hotel Snow View on trekking route & 20 Km. by motor road is most picture que 95 meters fall is among highest in the state. Because of its roaring sound it is named as Tiger Fall.

Ram Tall Horticulture Garden:

10 Km. from Hotel Snow View Located on beautiful sloppy hills at chakrata Mussoorie road. A beautiful natural pond, worth seen sceneries and apple garden making it an ideal picnic spot.

Hotel Snow View:

(A hill resort that is a hill station in itself) Located in the lush green hilly surroundings. The sight was chosen for a hotel by britishers in 19th century. But Snow View is modern hotel with spacious, clean rooms, fully modern bathrooms, budget friendly rates and unmatched hospitality. It is away from the hustle bustle of crowd. But still near the main town. Deoban peak and Mussoorie peak ale close by. Snow clad Himalayan range and full length of Lakhamandal road give a beautiful view from here.

Chilmiri Neck. 4 Km. from Hotel Snow View utmost beauty of the nature can be sighted from here with clear view of peaks like Bander Punch, Swarga Rohini and trisul .

Chinta Haran Mahadev Mandir 3.Km from Hotel Snow View among biggest Original Shivalinga of northern India.

Hanol Mahasu Temple 109 Km from Hotel Snow View. Housing beautiful sculpture of gupta period is (8th to 15th century) temple is main pilgrim center of jaunsar babar. British writer G.R.C William considers that is was built by Sankracharya.

Lahkamandal Place of Kouravas: 62 Km. from Hotel Snow View. Beside the place there is a beautiful carved temple. The inscription dates it to the gupta period 8th to 15th century. Besides carved pillars it is famous for its sculptures. The matrial in the temple are beautifully carved stone and briks although the chemical analysis is not done yet but it is said that grinded urad is used at jointimng material, the only shivalinga, in Indian which is Transparent is located here.

Kalsi 40 Km from Hotel Snow View is an Ashoka Pillar rock edict, built in 450 B.C . Which represents the post warfare era when king Ashoka converted himself to the Buddhist faith. The edicts ever aimed at the moral elevation of his people. One such edict at kalsi is made of quartz which is 10 ft long and 8 ft broad.